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Testimonials in Signal Hills, California

Stacey Nelson—Softball in Signal Hill, CA
Stacey Nelson2—Softball in Signal Hill, CA
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I began taking pitching lessons from Diane when I was 12 years old. At the time I had no idea the impact she would have on my life. I was a tall, SKINNY pre-teen with a love for softball. Little did I realize the drive, determination, and hard work it takes to be a successful pitcher. Diane's instruction helped instill those values in me, and in turn, allowed me to achieve my athletic goal of playing Division I softball on a full ride (Georgia Southern University 1998–2001). Despite the distance of me going across the country for college, Diane was always the first person I would call for a mechanics fix, a pep talk before a big game, a breakdown of tears after a bad outing, a shot of tough love when I wasn't being mentally strong, and of course, to help share the triumph of my successes! Diane is more than just a pitching coach to me; she is my mentor and life-long friend. You see, thanks to Diane and her dedication to me as her student, she made me realize that I was able to achieve all those things because I knew she believed in me. In return for all she has given me, she inspired me to do the same...
Lacey Kammerer-Ingram | Pitching Instructor | The Pitcher's Mound | Atlanta, GA
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